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Welcome to the website of the French Lute Society (S.F.L.), a community of lutenists, music lovers, luthiers, professors, amateurs, professionals ... In a word, people crazy enough to be interested in an instrument which is 4 or 5 centuries old, but whose rich repertoire and entrancing sound continue to charm hundreds, even thousands of people throughout France, Europe and the world!

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Volume 61
Robert de Visée, Pièces de luth.
Selected and transcribed for the 11 courses baroque luth by Joël Dugot.
Paris 2020 - 35 pages.
Price: 10€/13€ + (FR/2,5€) (EU/5€)

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Volume 62
50 pièces de la Tablature de Gdańsk (c.1620)
Balletti Polachi et autres pièces polonaises
Selected and transcribed by Michel Gendre.
Paris 2020 - 40 pages.
Price : 15/18 € + FR2,5€, EU5€.

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Volume 60
Le luthiste en ensemble Renaissance : Cours d’accompagnement 16e
(Réduction de voix, diminutions, harmonisation, transposition, accords) by Pascale Boquet. Paris 2020 - 220 pages.
Price : 40€ / 45€ (FR + 5€) (EU + 9€)

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Volume 59
Esaias Reusner
Trois suites pour luth baroque 11 choeurs, (1668, 1676)
Edited by Joël Dugot.
Paris 2020 - 40 pages
Price : 15/18 € + FR 2,5€, EU 5€.
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The Société Francaise de Lute also offers very accessible scores for ensemble, singing, flute, viola da gamba, violin, harp, harpsichord, with or without lute!
Talk to your friends, instrumentalists, singers, professors! Ideal for students! Ex: Volumes 12, 21, 30, 31, 35, 38, 49, 51, 53, D, E, F... Excerpts on this website!




* SFL's recent publications !



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Listen to excerpts : n°1 and n°2
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(Lully : Allemande et Passacaille,
by Mauricio Buraglia, luth baroque)

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- VOLUMES 53 A, B and C
of the SECRET des MUSES !

"Une Jeune Fillette / La Monica" : 3 books (you can buy them separatly or toghether) : voice and lute, solo lute, ensemble music ...
53 A : 11 songs for voice and lute (and for 4 voices) sources françaises, italiennes et allemandes 1570/1630. Sélection, harmonisation et transcription de Pascale Boquet & Céline Ferru
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53 B : 20 pieces for the lute (1560/1620) Anonymes, Bésard, P.Boquet, Caroso, M.Newsidler, Phalèse, Polonois, Terzi, Vallet. Sélection et transcription de Joël Dugot & Pascale Boquet
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53 C : 9 pieces of ensemble music, duos de luths, fantaisies à 3 ou 4, sonates à 2 dessus et basse continue (clé de fa et tablature), Du Caurroy, Turini, Marini, Selma, Woltman. Sélection et transcription de P.Boquet & J.Charles Lefebvre 
see an excerpt here and here
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Price : each book : 15/18€ + (FR/3€) (E/5€) - the 3 books together : 40/45€ + (FR/6€) (E/8€)

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Listen to musical excerpts :
4. Manuscrit de Sienne - Fantaisie
11. Giovanni Antonio Casteliono Editeur - Saltarello El Mazolo
19. Pierre Phalèse Editeur - Branle d'Ecosse

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